Rigged For Your Pleasure

There’s this one weird trick to controlling human populations it’s called Enclosure and one of the neatest things done as a part of this ongoing holistic synergy of processes is the redefining of common terms.

The Texas Railroad Commission talks to young people about Saltwater

Argonne Labs et. al. talks to the DOE about Produced Water

To be fair-ish, there is actual water (probably) in the tepid, turbid, often beyond brackish and sometimes radioactive effluent that spews forth from what are now called oil and gas wells. These types of borings used to be known as salt wells.

If that’s not water in that water truck WTF is in the milk truck?

Overall, the effects of a culture whose every action seems to start and end with┬áburning oil to roll down tar roads haven’t been as positive as one might hope.

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